Air Hogs Hyper Actives Review

Air Hogs Hyper Actives by Spin Master Review

Yearly toy retailers choose toys they predict can become top sellers specifically across the Christmas season. And each year, toy manufacturers wish each of their toys will make it to the top of list. Toys R Us has hand-picked 36 leading toys for that 2011 Christmas season. The business has selected the now famous “Fabulous 15” toys. One from the best selections list is Air Hogs HyperActives by Spin Master. Be prepared and willing to be amazed from this miniature radio controlled racing automobile, since it is like absolutely nothing you've ever observed just before.

The thing that makes It Hot

If you believe mid-air Hogs Hyper Actives is really a just an additional R/C toy, you are set for a huge surprise. To begin with, it is greater than a mini R/C, and you will very impressed on the speed and manage for the Air Hogs.

Few other radio controlled racing automobile continues to be as impatiently expected since the fresh Air Hogs Hyperactives of 2011. You will discover massive enhancements when compared to the earlier versions. Air Hogs mini R/C racing vehicles maintained to be affected by blocked reception, causing them to be challenging to manage from time to time. With all the 2011 Air Hogs Hyper Actives, you will find greatest accuracy and perfect manage.

  • Top Speed of 20 miles per hour! If you think 20 miles per hour is slow, wait until you see these cool cars race around your home.
  • Air Hogs work from the start. The new RC race car makes use of auto pairing that easily sets your vehicle using your controller for group or individual fun. Greatest accuracy gives crystal-clear connectivity relating to the remote controller as well as your vehicle. The racing vehicle also includes detail responsiveness, permitting immediate reaction from your controller on the vehicle. You will locate a massive improvement inside controller, signal, and vehicle.
  • The controller makes use of 2.4 GHz frequency, so it is practically safe from radio disturbance. You are able to run numerous vehicles all-around the other person without having to be worried about radio clashes. There’s no exterior antenna around the game controller or automobile, so there is simply no worry about stretching or twisting.
  • Roll Bar and Suspension Program. Mid-air Hogs HyperActives racing car’s special style features a big, clear plastic roll bar. This function permits the automobile to carry over for an upright position when it flips. A operating rear suspension offers up-down and side-to-side flexibility
  • For Outdoors and Indoors. The brand new Air Hogs Hyper Actives racing automobile was made for outside and inside playtime. It arrives fassembled with treaded tires created from soft rubber for outdoor use. A spare list of tires is protected inside the package. The additional tires are made from spongy foam rubber meant to offer maximum traction on smooth indoor surfaces.
  • Controller/Charger. The car’s battery is non-removable and have to be recharged while using the Hyper Actives controller which doubles as being a charger. The controller was made which has a cord and charging jack at its base. The jack is plugged directly in to the vehicle and takes about 45 minutes to completely charge the car’s battery.


  1. No radio interference throughout group play
  2. Roll bar enables the race car to come back to upright position
  3. Can be utilized outdoors or indoors
  4. Turbocharged; high speeds and great manage


  1. Difficult to regulate more than rough surfaces
  2. Radio range is below claimed by manufacturer
  3. Difficult for indoor use or about furniture

What Consumers Say
Air Hogs Hyperactives RC vehicles are a number of enjoyable and they’re certain to be on several kids’ wish list this Christmas. The racecars are turbocharged but clients say they merely go as quicly as 13.5mph, not 20mph as claimed with the manufacturer. Nevertheless, Air Hogs Hyperactives continues to be among the fastest mini-RC’s currently available.

Even though the automobiles have somewhat restricted radio range which enable it to be a challenge to regulate more than rough surfaces, their quicker speed, wonderful efficiency, a distinctive roll bar and additional tires make these vehicles one of the better toy-grade RC’s.

What’s inside the package:
• Fully assembled car with the outdoor tires installed
• A set of 4x tires for indoor use
• The controller
• Manual

The Air Hogs HyperActives racing vehicle sells for about $49.99. Whilst the maker suggests this toy for large children 12 a number of older, kids who will be no less than 8 years of age will like this remote controlled automobile also.

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