Bumblebee Transformers Review

Bumblebee Transformers Action Figure Review

Are you a Transformer’s fan? Who is not? Get ready for some fun and some action with the Transformers Dark of the Moon Optimus Prime, this robot will transform into a vehicle and it is a super hero. The MechTech Optimus resembles a bumble bee. It transforms from a Camaro concept car to the Bumblebee Transformers ready to take on the world. To enhance the playing experience the pop up weapon system lights up while blasters sound effects that frighten any opponents. As the battle progresses to fury, the Bumblebee Transformer can switch from a Camaro to a hero until all the enemies are down.

Bumblebee Transformers part of the creative family

The Transformers are some of the most creative story lines in the history of cartoons and superheroes, and your child can enjoy playing with the next generation of Transformers. The Bumblebee Transformers comes with a unique MECHTECH weapon that can be used by all the other figures in this collection. You can connect these weapons to each other in order to power up these figures. The leader of them all is called MECHTECH Ultimate Optimus Prime and this is one of the biggest and the most impressive action figures from Transformers. I kind of like the Bumblebee Transformers because of his color, yellow, it is just so cool and majestic.

Key weapon systems part of the Bumblebee Transformers family

The Bumblebee and his counter parts are ground breaking since conception, and they are sure to be in the limelight because of their popularity for years to come. Featured in Bumblebee Transformers and for that in all of the Transformers in this collection are: electronic battles sounds, an array of lights, projectiles that can be launched through the battle.

Look out for small parts One warning that cannot be ignored if you have small children please be aware that the set has many small pieces that if taken by a small kid, can be dangerous as chocking can occur. The set is Bumblebee Transformer set is recommended for kids 3 and above.

It uses two AA batteries and you could buy replacement parts for these toys in the internet.

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The Bumblebee Transformers is looking for a home! Your kid will not be disappointed!

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