LeapFrog Tablet, LeapPad Tablet or LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Tablet?

The LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Tablet comes from a highly prestigious list. This tablet is included in the Top Fifteen Toys for young kids and smart people around. If your kid likes to play with your iPad, well let’s just give him or her, their own. The Explorer Tablet uses 4 AA batteries for power, includes a touch screen, a microphone, a pad for gaming and a camera!

This LeapPad Tablet shares explorer cartridge with other models

The LeapPad Tablet uses the explorer type cartridges also made by LeapFrog. The LeapFrog Tablet will help kids to read their own eBooks. It will entertain them with their own music and with their own games. No more borrowing daddy’s or mommy’s tablet! The LeapFrog Tablet is one of the newest products offer by LeapFrog Enterprises. It is targeted for children 4 or older. This is positioning the company in front of the new generation of kids with needs revolving on digital reading materials and digital learning tools.

Could the LeapFrog Tablet be the 2011 Toy of Year?

The LeapPad Tablet was released in mid-2011 and it has been quietly selected as the Toy of the Year (we will find out soon). This is no news to LeapFrog Enterprises, in 2010 the Leapster Eplorer was the Toy of the Year for 2010. This is becoming a LeapFrog tradition.

Some of the features available in the LeapPad Tablet are:

  • There are quite a few applications that can be downloaded to enhance the use of this device. You can select from learning games, reading material in the form of ebooks, videos, flash cards and other things that little kids will enjoy.
  • The LeapPad Explorer Table is compatible with the rest of the Leapster Explorer cartridges, giving you needed break in your wallet. Characters like Dora and Scooby are part of the collection of characters that make the experience even more fun.
  • We call this device an educational toy because it brings subjects like math and spelling to the hands of the kids. It also has a phonics skill feature and an area for “artistic creativity”. It also includes activities that relate to geography, music and science. And for practicing writing skills and acting as a double agent a pointing device stylus is included.
  • One of the key features of the LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Tablet is that it can be personalized as adjust itself to make sure your kids can learn at his or her own pace.
  • A tilt sensor is used for gaming control.
  • The LeapPad Tablet has a five inch touch screen, with vibrant colors
  • Although thin and sleek, the LeapFrog Tablets are sturdy and can withstand rough handling by kids. It is easy to clean, so do not worry if your kid has jelly on her or his fingers! Kids will enjoy taking their new tablet to school and will be happy to show it around. Maybe while in the school will record videos and will take pictures to show mom and dad what he did in school that day.


  • Many features to choose from and play with
  • Touchscreen technology
  • You can purchase many, many activities in the form of applications: flash cards, games, digital books
  • Designs with kids in mind
  • Interactive studying
  • Good quality and sturdy


  • No memory slot to increase memory
  • The CPU is only running at 400MHz processor, can be sluggish
  • Perhaps pricey
  • People have complain about batteries draining too frequently
  • Applications can be expensive


All and all the LeapFrog Tablet, as it is sometimes called, is an excellent product. It does have lots of games that are not only fun but educational too. It is a nice little device that your kids will love.

The LeapPad Tablet comes in two colors. Pick your kid’s favorite and get it home by clicking the link below:

LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Pink: Click this link --> Pink LeapPad Tablet

Tablet LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Green: Click this link -->> Green LeapPad Tablet