Syma Helicopters: Syma S107/Syma S107G Review

What A Fun Way To Spend A Day With The Kids: The Syma S107/S107G Remote Control Helicopters

If your child is like me, crazy about helicopters, or maybe just some interest in aviation, you might want to surprise him or her with a Syma Helicopter, in this case the Syma S107/Syma S107G. These are remote control helicopters that will provide you with hours of entertainment. This is a less expensive option to getting an actual helicopter, or taking real helicopter classes! Tell me about it, I spent a fortune trying to get my private license!

Syma Helicopters, Ready To Fly When You Are!

  • The Syma S107/Syma S107G is ready to be flown as soon as you get it. The Syma Helicopters are coaxial helicopters, these helicopters have two rotors that are put on top of the other, and they spin in opposite directions.
  • By spinning in the opposing directions, these main rotors cancel the reactive torque produced by them. A major gyroscopic effect will stabilize the chopper, and it will fly in a stable manner, and these top ten toys for boys are great for a beginner who is learning how to fly toy helicopters.

Choose The Color That Most Fit Your Kid: Syma S107/Syma S107G Come In Assorted Colors

  • There is a wide selection of colors to choose from and they include red. Yellow and blue. However the fact that these toys are so popular means that it may not be possible to get the color that you want to buy.
  • Some people are so crazy about these top ten toys for boys that they have them in all the available colors. When you buy the toy, it will be inside a box, and there will be a remote control that works through infrared rays. There are three in-built channels for the remote, and this means that if you are flying more than one helicopter the remote controls will not interfere with each other.

Syma Helicopters Are Easy and Fast to Charge

  • There is a USB cable that is available for you, and this allows you to charge the helicopter in less than half an hour. When you connect the charger into a Personal Computer, it will light up in a red color. You also need to check on the brightness of this light. When you connect the helicopter to the USB cable, this light will go out. As the chopper is charging there will be an occasional flickering light, and this will indicate that it is not fully charged up yet.
  • You can tell that the helicopter is fully charged when the red light comes on again. When the charger lights up red again, it is now time to remove the chopper from the charger and it is now ready to be flown. However, you need to wait for about ten to fifteen minutes in order to let the battery cool down before you begin to charge the chopper. This will help to prolong the battery life.

Syma S107/Syma S107G Helicopters are Great For Kids of All Ages! This is a great toy not only for kids but also for adults. These toys do not look like toys, but they look like the real thing, and you can have tons of fun flying them with your kids. The chopper is able to move in three different directions. The Syma S107/S107G Remote Control Helicopters are designed for boys over the age of eight years. And of course for adults of all ages! You will certainly have fun with your kids.

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