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Mongoose BMX Spin Freestyle Bike (20-Inch Wheels) from Mongoose Bikes

Mongoose BMX Spin Freestyle Bike (20-Inch Wheels) from Mongoose

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Site Name are delighted to stock the fantastic Mongoose BMX Spin Freestyle Bike (20-Inch Wheels).

With so many available today, it is great to have a name you can recognise. The Mongoose Spin BMX Freestyle Bike (20-Inch Wheels) is certainly that and will be a excellent purchase.

For this price, the Mongoose BMX Spin Freestyle Bike (20-Inch Wheels) is widely recommended and is always a popular choice amongst most people. Mongoose have added some excellent touches and this means great value for money.

  • Handcrafted Hi-ten jumping fork; sure-stopping front and rear U-brakes
  • 3-piece tubular crank set, alloy 48-hole hubs, and A-head machined stem
  • 4-piece Knee-saver handlebar; 20-by-2.125-inch black Jumper K-Rad tires
  • Mongoose Jumping large saddle with stitches; lifetime warranty on frame/fork
  • 20-inch BMX freestyle bike with handcrafted Hi-Ten Boy's Team series frame; for riders ages 8 and older

The Mongoose® Spin 20-in BMX bicycle brings you freestyle efficiency with a Mongoose® freestyle frame/fork and front and rear axle pegs.

Traditional BMX styling combined with a host of quality basic safety attributes make this a fantastic bike for monitor and street riders. Equipped with a handcrafted Hello there-Ten Boy's Staff series frame and a handcrafted Hello there-Ten jumping fork, the Mongoose Spin BMX bike is robust sufficient for off-street cycling, dirt jumping, and trick riding. The bike's front and rear U-brakes, meanwhile, supply all the braking electrical power required for protected, reliable stopping. Other details include front and rear axle pegs, a four-piece "knee-saver" handlebar, 20-by-two.125-inch black Jumper K-Rad tires, a big Mongoose Jumping saddle with stitches, alloy 48-hole hubs, a three-piece tubular crank set, and an A-head machined stem. The Mongoose Spin carries a life span guarantee on the frame and fork.

Three-piece tubular crank set.

4-piece "knee-saver" handlebar.

About Mongoose
In 1974, BMX Goods, Inc., later to be identified as Mongoose Bicycles, launched from a humble garage. The 1st of its variety, the BMX bicycle was named soon after bicycle motocross and was designed to fit the requirements of the tough-and-tumble dirt-racing pastime that took its toll on wheels and bicycles. The heavy-duty, one-piece forged-aluminum Mongoose Motomag wheel was quickly born, and it was the 1st opposition-prepared BMX bicycle offered. Skip Hess, while in Australia pursuing his motor sports enthusiasm, arrived into get in touch with with a peculiar and abnormal cat-size bestial--the mongoose. Recognized for its inactive nature while unprovoked, yet vicious and aggressive sufficient to kill a threatening Cobra 2 times its size, the Mongoose impressed Hess, who rapidly registered the Mongoose trademark for his new bicycle racing frame.

The Professional BMX bicycle design, which is even now a cornerstone of the Mongoose BMX line right now, was launched in 1980. Shortly soon after, Mongoose captured the 1st at any time ABA Countrywide #1 Cruiser Title. Formerly identified for the 20-inch bicycle, this title signaled the re-direction of Mongoose bicycles to larger-wheeled, grownup-sized versions. A number of several years later, Mongoose continues to dominate the cruiser racing circuit with six Countrywide No. 1 Cruiser titles, foremost to the introduction of grownup-sized Mongoose all-terrain bicycles (ATBs).

In 1992, Mongoose pioneered the total-suspension market place with the introduction of the Amplifier. This design and style is even now the most-copied suspension design and style in the market place. A number of year later, Mongoose launched the Newman grownup bicycle frame, which is verified to be 15% stronger than any other bike frame in the market place. The design and style, while functionally audio, also elevated eyebrows simply because of its distinctive look.

In the up coming handful of several years, Mongoose increased its advertising emphasis to dominate the bicycle sector, and more crucial, extend beyond it. The Mongoose model advertising initiative helps make more than a hundred million impressions. Mongoose’s model awareness increased by over 130% in 1999 and solidifies the No. two market place share placement in units and bucks. Mongoose was acquired by Pacific Cycle, LLC, and continues to increase and prosper with more than forty versions of BMX, mountain, trail, freestyle, jumping, comfort, street, and cyclocross bikes.