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Ninjago Lego Lightning Dragon Battle Set 2521

Ninjago Lego Lightning Dragon Battle from LEGO Limited Edition Set #2521

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As when you were a kid, Legos are as sought after as ever. Like almost any year, this season, Toys R Us has completed their preferred toy list and of course we have a Lego set included in the list. The “Fabulous 15” list includes the Ninjago Lego Lightning Dragon Battle. This set is made out of 645 pieces.

The Ninjago Lego Lightning Dragon set is one of the newest sets in the Ninjago family. This year you will find Jay’s dragon, Lighting Dragon. Our little Blue Ninja of Lighting friend, Jay, has some cool weapons: the Spear and the Nunchucks of Lighting.

Included in this set are:

  • Skeleton helicopter
  • Small figurines of Jay
  • Sensi Wu
  • Frakjaw and Kruncha skeletons
  • 9 weapons, Nunchucks of Lighting included

The Plot behind the Ninja Lego Lighting Dragon Battle

Kruncha and Frankjaw have taken Sensei Wu as a prisoner and also have robbed Jay’s Nunchucks of Lighting using their Skeleton helicopter. Now for the kids, their mission is to assist Jay and the Lighting Dragon free Sensei Wu and take back the Nunchucks of Lighting before the Skeletons have the chance to flee to the Underworld.

Ninjago Lego Lightning Dragon Battle (2521) Product Includes:

  • 4 Figurines: Blue Ninja Jay, Frankjaw, Kruncha and of course Sensei Wu
  • The artillery includes: 2 gold spears, gold blade, 2 spears, silver mace, sword, and Nunchucks of Lightning
  • Fire balls
  • Rotor-spinning action by turning the helicopter’s crank
  • Lightning Dragon with pose-able wings, tail and limbs
  • Helicopter
  • Skull Chopper Pilot and Spinner
  • Contains 645 pieces

The Ninjago Lightning Dragon

There are few dragons that come into sight in the Ninjago plot. However, the Lighting Dragon is amazingly stunning. Like his counterparts, Ice Dragon and Fire Dragon, the Lighting Dragon has four wings and also has chains connected to his head. The purpose of the chains is to help the holder control the rest of the Dragon. The Ninjago Lighting Dragon has two hands and four feet, unlike the counterparts. You will find two spikes attached to the wings and on the body, two flags.

You will find a seat on top of the Lighting Dragon, for the figurines to ride on. Additional weapons can be found on either side of the Lightning Dragon. This combined with the spears and the four feet and two hands makes the Lighting Dragon astounding firearm against all enemies.

Could This Be The Most Exhilarating Ninjago Set To Date?

If you are a fan of the Ninjago Lego Series you know that they have come up with a variety of distinctive and stimulating building sets. The Ninjago Lego Series include majestic buildings, exceptional vehicles, awesome and fearful beast and of course figurines to battle with. But, this latest set, the Ninjago Lighting Dragon Battle Set (number 2521) is truly one of the best and most thrilling in the series. With the 645 pieces you can build formidable monsters as well as vehicles to go with it.

Perhaps you not into continue to build the dragon, well the figurines and the rest of the set will do wonders for your Lego treasures. It is a great value and is one of the top building sets to include in your collection.


  • Will help kids with improve their motor skills
  • Will help kids develop their imagination
  • Guarantee, kids will have fun
  • Superb attention to the details
  • Well made, strong and sturdy


  • Could be somewhat pricey


Lego aficionados and Ninjago series admirers they both agree, this one of the top sets in the Ninjago Lego series. Some might say that the helicopter is not the strongest, yet the Lighting Dragon is majestic. This building set is quite fund to put together and also to play with. If your children (or you yourself) love Legos, just like me, the Ninjago Lego Lighting Dragon Battle is an excellent choice for a gift and to add to anyone’s collection.

  • 645 Pieces
  • Limited Edition

bFly the LEGO Ninjago Lightning Dragon Fight (2521) to rescue Sensei Wu!/bFrakjaw and Kruncha have captured Sensei Wu and stole the nunchucks of lightning with their helicopter. Help Jay and the fearsome Lightning Dragon to rescue him and retrieve the golden weapon just before they escape into the Underworld! Beware of the helicopters snapping jaws and flick missiles!The LEGO Ninjago Lightning Dragon Fight (2521) contains * 4 (No Tips) Jay, Sensei Wu, Frakjaw and Kruncha * Weapons include two golden spears, two large spears, silver mace, sword, golden blade, workers and nunchucks of lightning * Spit lethal lightning balls with the Lightning Dragon! * Fight for Spinjitzu glory with the spinner! * Snap the Lightning Dragons jaws! * Flip the crank for genuine rotorspinning action! * Fight with the Lightning Dragons poseable wings, tail and limbs! * Lightning Dragon measures more than eighteen (45cm) wide and 19 (48cm) long * Helicopter measures more than 4 (10cm) wide and 10 (25cm) long

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